March 15, 2008

The baby "business" of assisted reproduction

Seeing assisted reproduction as any other commercial business as fashion, food, cars or any other give us the shivers. But for some people involved, it actually is as the money keeps rolling.

Just in 2004, the U.S. totalled almost $ 3 million in fertility treatments. Therefore, it seems necessary to confront to set some rules to correct problems going on with parents and the babies.

Here is when bioethics comes, while some genetic engineering sites warn about “customizing” children in IQ, appearance, etc. research demonstrates this “baby design” comes to the extent of screening out genetic diseases. Parents are not exactly looking for a premium baby, but for a healthy one.

That is why a tighter government regulation is needed, as for issues like fertility centers disclosing health risks of any procedures and the relevant success rates (premature babies, cerebral palsy, and others that are common in multiple births).

Other proposed regulations would be disclosing information to technology-produced children about their genetic parents. And also instil health insure agencies to cover certain treatments of IVF, while defining those that would not be paid for.


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Anonymous said...

Studies have shown that a large portion of the responsibility of the rising instances of birth defects and premature babies can be owed to overweight mothers. Women who have been overweight in their earlier lives or during their pregnancy run the risk of facing complications during the birth of their children.

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