November 8, 2007

Fertility supplements – Healthy Alternative aids to increase fertility

Since many couples show reluctant to the excessive intake of drugs for fertility treatments, medicine has given a more patient-friendly and safer solution in the form of fertility supplements.

Whether they are medical or herbal, fertility supplements are being taken more seriously both by the doctors themselves, and by patients due to their positive results in the increase of conception rates, and as a healthy alternative to conventional treatments.

Why couples are turning to fertility supplements?

Fact: Over 15% of couples in the U.S. have fertility problems.

A third of this number of these cases, it is the man who has fertility problems, another third is due to female fertility, and the last third because both are infertile.

Considering these number, you can tell it is always a challenge for medicine to look for new and better alternatives to overcome infertility.

Fertility supplements are formulated to satisfy the health needs of each sex, especially those related to nutritional deficiencies.


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